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There are two parts to an effective deodorant. The first is an anti-perspirant that actually inhibits the underarm sweating action of the body, and the second is the deodorant function that neutralises the smell caused by bacterial action on the sweat.

Our deodorants use natural Potassium Alum, an inert salt that is not broken down by the body. This is dissolved in Aloe Vera gel and Witch Hazel, and then we add plant based components that act to kill off any bacteria that start to grow in the organis materials contained in sweat. It is these by products of bacterial activity that cause the sweat to smell.

For most people the deodorants give a full day's protection.

Enchanting Essence Deodorant

Enchanting Essence

All natural anti-perspirant and deodorant. The anti-perspirant is provided by natural potassium alum, which does not have the health risks associated...
Fragrance Free Natural Deodorant 60 ml

Fragrance Free
Natural Deodorant
60 ml

All natural anti-perspirant deodorant, that works for a full day. In many commercial deodorants the anti-perspirant effect is created by the use of...

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