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Oily skin is characterized by an over-abundant secretion of the sebaceous glands. This condition, and its incorrect treatment, usually gives rise to a host of other problems. Contrary to belief, this skin can be sensitive and is often mishandled by harsh products designed to dry out the oiliness. Such products eliminate the oil on the surface; by doing so, however, the oil production of the glands may also be increased. At the same time the protective acid mantle is destroyed and the cells of the stratum corneum, responsible for rendering the skin impermeable, are likely to get damaged as well. It is of utmost importance that this skin type is treated with appropriate products.

There are two main types of oily skin:

  • The oily skin which oozes (exudes) oil, causing a shiny, wet appearance (seborrhea oleosa).
  • The oily, clogged skin (seborrhea sicca), where the collection of hardened sebum and dead cells stays within the follicular orifice. As a consequence, the epidermis feels dry; and therefore can easily be mistaken for a dry skin.

The successful treatment of oily skin requires patience, since excessive oil production is a symptom of an internal problem. Therefore, a holistic approach is necessary. Results may be slow, and in extreme cases it is necessary to take professional medical advice.

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