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Acne prone skin is usually oily and distinguished by blackheads and pimples. If neglected and uncared for these blemishes can advance to a worse stage and leave the skin scarred and pitted.

The skin can be prone to breaking out in pimples when new products are used and fairly regularly even if when care is taken over cleansing and diet.

A tendency to acne is often inherited.

Our approach is to support the body's own natural functions and to try to restore balance. There are two main problems that work together to produce acne.

Firstly, sebum, the body's own rich natural moisturiser that flows out of the sebum ducts located in the hair follicles, becomes more viscous. Instead of flowing out easily onto the surface of the skin, it remains inside the ducts; the sebum in the opening of the duct oxidises and turns black, forming a 'blackhead', and the sebum underneath becomes trapped in the duct.

The second process is the acne bacteria cycle. Everyone has the slow-growing propionibacterium acnes bacteria living in the skin, normally in quite small quantities. It feeds on the rich fatty acids found in sebum. If bacteria get into a blocked sebum duct, then the bacteria can feed and reproduce. The by-products of this bacterial activity cause swelling and inflammation in the sebum duct, as well as damage to the walls of the duct and surrounding tissues.

Squeezing the blackhead can force this contaminated material further into the tissues and cause more damage. Touching other parts of the face can move bacteria to uninfected areas and lead to further spots.

In our treatment system, the cleansers, masks and toners work to keep the sebum ducts clear and free-flowing, without stimulating the production of extra oil. The creams moisturise and thin the sebum to keep it less viscous while the essential oils in all the products help to suppress the bacterial activity.

It is very important that acne sufferers do not keep re-infecting areas once they are clear of spots. The best way to do this is to the resist the temptation to touch the face or to pick or squeeze spots. Cleanse, tone and moisturise the face using our products at least twice a day, and use paper towels to pat the face dry. Do not use everyday towels or washcloths.

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