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Napiers the Herbalist

Napiers the Herbalists was founded by Duncan Napier, an eminent Victorian herbalist and botanist on 25 May 1860 in Bristo Place in Edinburgh which is still open to this day. He was a foundling, abandoned by his parents, and was raised by the local innkeeper. Apprenticed to a baker, the flour dust triggered a cough he could not shake off. Looking for a cure, he became interested in herbs and created his famed Lobelia Cough Syrup. The result so successful that it inspired him to train as a herbalist and he joined the Edinburgh Botanical Society. He opened the Bristo Place shop where people queued for hours to see him. At the weekends he walked the Scottish hills, collecting plants and herbs for his herbal remedies, sold as far away as New York. He became a well-respected member of the Medical Reformers of England and the British Pharmaceutical Society. His three sons, and then his grandsons joined the business and it became D. Napier and Sons.

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